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Currently, I’m the CEO of Paces AI, a venture  backed startup that provides actionable data and analytics for green infrastructure developers, operators, and investors to understand what and where to profitably build. I also host the Carbotnic Podcast where I have long-form conversations with experts in cleantech.

In the past I was the founder of Hale, a personal training marketplace. I was Director of Operations at Respondent, a market research marketplace and Director of Business Development and employee #1 at Hello Vera, an AI chatbot startup acquired by a tech giant. Before that, I sold data to US quantitative hedge funds and portfolio analytics tools to EMEA asset and sovereign wealth managers. I grew up on an organic farm in Co. Mayo Ireland, and in the suburbia of upstate New York. I have worked as a butcher, a cook, and in forestry management. I have a MLitt in Philosophy from St Andrews and a BA in Philosophy/Psychology from NUI, Galway. I was in Soldier Stadium when Ireland beat New Zealand.

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